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Fee: $80.00. All cats are spayed/neutered, have shots to date and have been tested for leukemia/FIV.

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Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis on APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application pre-approved so that there is no waiting period.

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Hi! My name is Alice

Alice was surrendered to the shelter because she was not getting along with the other cats in the home. She LOVES attention and to be patted. She can also be a talker from time to time. Alice has lived with men, women, and children of all ages. She has also been in a home with cats and dogs. Alice is a sweetie who just wants all of the love and attention she can get!

DSC_0028 DSC_0018

Hi! My name is Barbie

Barbie is a 2 y/o beauty that was brought to us as a stray. She wasn’t too happy with being in the shelter at first, but decided it was not so bad once she was able to roam around in her own condo. Now Barbie is a sweet girl who loves attention and even to be held! To our excitement, Barbie loves her roommate, Sally and also LOVES dogs! Barbie enthusiastically runs to the door of her condo when dogs are being walked by, showing only the desire to play or rub up against them. This young girl has proved to us that first impressions are not always accurate, especially when it comes to cats in a stressful environment, and that even the sassiest of kitties can turn into the most loveable with enough love and attention!


Hi! My name is Bitsie

Bistie is one of 5 cats surrendered to the shelter because there were too many cats in the home. She is a big talker in the morning when she wants her food. Bitsie can be a little nervous at first, but relaxes as you start to pat her. She is about 4 years old. Bitsie is not a fan of being picked up and has only ever lived with men, women and cats.



Hi! My name is Blackie

Blackie is a rather chubby DSH male black cat. He was surrendered to the shelter with his sister, Socks, because their owner had to move into assisted living and could no longer care for them.  He loves to rub all over you and is a lap cat. He also likes to be groomed. Blackie gets along with other cats, and is nervous but friendly around children but he is not a fan of dogs. Blackie is such a sweetheart and has the softest, silkiest fur!


Hi! My name is Brice

Brice is a sweet, neutered male who is use to many other cats in a home but, also seems content to be the one and only too. He loves to play and is very much an explorer! He would probably do alright in a home with a dog as long as they are introduced properly.


Hi! My name is Chubaka

Chubaka is a another outgoing boy that came from a hoarding situation. He has the best eyes! He’s a sweet boy that gets along with other cats. Chubaka doesn’t really like to be held, but he loves to rub on you and is a lap cat. He is very confident so he would probably adjust to a home with a dog as long as the dog was respectful.



Hi! My name is Clay

Clay came to the shelter as a stray. He is an outgoing boy who loves attention! Clay will headbutt and rub on you all day long, but he does not like to be held. He has a one of a kind face and has gotten along with the cats in his condo. Clay is also quite confident so he would probably be okay in a home with a dog. He is hard to get a good picture of because he just wants to love on you all of the time!DSC_0143

Hi! My name is Clover

This gorgeous girl is Clover and she came in to us as a stray. She absolutely adores people and to be cuddled and snuggled. Clover is no older than 3 years old and is very mellow for her age. She is a big talker as well as kneader! Clover wants a family that is looking for a snuggly, outgoing cat, and would not mind living with other kitties! We are unsure as of right now how she would fare living with dogs and children, but will find out as soon as possible.



Hi! My name is Daphne

Daphne is a beautiful 2 year old tortoiseshell that came in to us as a stray. After having a litter of beautiful babies and being the most protective, strong mother, she is now ready for a wonderful home of her own! She can sometimes be a tad independent, but we are positive that with more exposure to love and affection she will be more willing and excited to be held and cuddled! Daphne would prefer a home without young children because of this, and as of right now is not a fan of dogs. She is living comfortably with other cats here at the shelter and would be happy to join a home with other cats already present. Daphne would be more than content to remain and indoor kitty, but with her spunkiness she may be quite the mouser in an indoor/outdoor situation! Daphne is very vocal at meal times and for attention when she wants it. This lovely girl is not the most playful right now, but with each day she acclimates more and more to her new independence (after having raised her babies) and is sure to take advantage of her freedom in no time!


Hi! My name is Dot

Dot is a DSH black and white love bug! She is wicked sweet and loves attention. She is a very unique cat. Dot walks a little funny, from an old injury, but it does not slow her down one bit! She enjoys attention and having her belly rubbed. A hyper dog would probably be too much for her but she is okay with other cats and kids. Dot is very hard to photograph because all she wants to do is rub on you and get patted, but she is much cuter in person so come in and visit her!

Hi! My name is Ellie

Ellie came to us as a stray and is about a year old! She adores people and attention so much that she would rather sit with you than do anything else! Ellie took a few days to warm up to her condo mates, but now she is totally fine with them. She loves people so much she often doesn’t want to go back into her condo but instead stay out and get attention and lovins! She would probably do alright with a dog once she had a chance to figure them out. Ellie is a very sweet and gorgeous girl that is ready to settle into her forever home.


Hi! My name is Eloise

Eloise is a 3 year old spayed female that came in as a stray. She is shy but sweet and a bit unsure of shelter life. She does warm up but likes you to go slow. She does not seem to like dogs and she doesn’t care for being picked up so we would say no young children.


Hi! My name is Esmeralda

Esmeralda also came to us from a home with too many cats. She is very shy and is still adjusting to being here at the shelter, but is coming around more and more each day. Esmeralda needs some love and attention to reach her full potential. She is good with other cats, but is too nervous to be around young kids and dogs right now.



Hi! My name is Fay

Fay is a very sweet girl that came from a hoarding situation. She loves attention and being around other cats. Fay wants your attention, she will even reach out and pull you in, Literally :)


Hi! My name is Gabby

Gabby is a 2 y/o torti tiger that came to the shelter from a home with too many cats. She very much deserves the name Gabby cause she loves to gab! Gabby will do anything for attention. She is super sweet, but can sometimes get overstimulated and give a love nibble or two. Gabby is a beautiful and sweet girl looking for her forever home.