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Fee: $80.00. All cats are spayed/neutered, have shots to date and have been tested for leukemia/FIV.

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Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come, first served basis on APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application pre-approved so that there is no waiting period.

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Hi! My name is Bridget

Bridget is a young girl that is extremely independent and should go to a home where there are no other animals or children. She can be friendly and social when she wants the attention, but will not hesitate to scratch or nip when she has had enough or wants you to leave her alone. We hear this all the time: “But she’s so pretty!” and she certainly is–but that doesn’t make her friendly. Bridget would most likely be happiest in a home where she could explore the outdoors or keep watch over a barn or garage–she would make a fantastic mouser and companion to adults who respect her space and her independence!


Hi! My name is August

August came into the shelter as a stray and is a very sweet boy. He likes to hang out in his wall box most of the day but LOVES attention!

Hi! My name is Bea

Bea came to us as a stray that was hit by a car. Her pelvis was broken and she had air around her lungs. She went straight to the vet and was there for a many many days. They were able to drain the air out of her chest cavity and her pelvis is still healing, but is doing great and doesn’t seem to bother her much. Bea is definitely a fighter! She does need to be on a oral stool softener to make sure everything moves smoothy but she will eat it mixed with a little wet food. Bea is a super lovable cat that loves to explore and rub all over you. She however does not care for being picked up(but who can blame her after what happened) She does come with a bit of an attitude but what cat doesn’t, right? Because of her injuries she does need to always be an INDOOR cat which is fine by her. Also, she is going to need regular vet care as she is still in recovery and needs someone to be very committed to her and with giving her the medication she needs(which is inexpensive). Bea is a very sweet girl that seems to love everyone and is okay with dog(as long as they won’t chase her) and would probably co-exist with calm cat.



Hi! My name is Buffy

Buffy is an adult female that came tot he shelter as a stray. She is a very shy girl that would do best in a quiet home, probably with other cats. Right now you can pet her and handle her a bit, but is very unsure of what you are doing. We don’t think there is a mean bone in her body, but she just needs time and patience

Hi! My name is Camille

Camille is an 8 y/o declawed female that was surrendered because her owner went into assisted living. She came in with her sister, but is fine living on her own or with another cat. Camille enjoys exploring and finding places to hide. She enjoys attention, but is more interested in exploring here at the shelter.


Hi! My name is Carl

Carl is a very sweet boy that came in as a stray. He doesn’t seem to mind the other cats but keeps to himself. He LOVES to be petted!

Hi! My name is Chloe

Chloe is a wonderful young girl that came to us with a litter of kittens. She has lived with other cats and would probably do fine with a dog and kids!

Hi! My name is Diana

Diana came to the shelter as a stray. She started out shy, but really loves attention- she will come up to the door and talk to you. Right now she is in a cage alone, but has been with other cats and doesn’t seem to mind. She would most likely do okay with dogs, and she loves to play.


Hi! My name is Dixie

Dixie (orange) is a sweet but shy girl that came in with her sister Sasha. She is a little unsure right now so she tends to hide, but loves attention!

Hi! My name is Doreen

Doreen is a special little girl that needs a home that is quiet and has other cats. She is weary of humans, and would much rather hang out with her cat friends. With a lot of time and patience she will come around. Doreen LOVES to play!


Hi! My name is Frida

Frida is a 5 y/o girl that was surrendered to us because her owners were moving and could not take her. She has always been an indoor cat that likes her space. She does like to be patted, but wants you to go slow so she has time to adjust and she doesn’t like being picked up. She is not a fan of other cats here at the shelter, but did come from a home with another cat. Frida has lived with children but does not care for dogs. She is a talkative girl that is looking for her forever home on a windowsill in the sun.


Hi! My name is George

George is a 6 year old stunning orange tabby who is at the shelter because of bad behavior towards the child in the home. He can be a frisky and playful cat (especially when he is on catnip) and thus needs a home without small children. Otherwise, he is an exceptionally kind and affectionate cat! George is used to being an indoor/outdoor cat without any problems, but has never lived with dogs or other cats. He would be an awesome addition to a pet-free home for those folks out there looking for an entertaining and sweet feline companion! Plus, just look at his beautiful face.

Hi! My name is Helen

Helen is about 5 y/o and likes attention but doesn’t always like other cats. She would definitely stand up to a dog. Every morning when we clean she enjoys her time roaming around the shelter seeing everyone and everything. Helen does have to be on a prescription food because she has some digestive issues every now and then so a home where she is the only cat would be the easiest to monitor her food. The food is managing this well right now. Helen would do best in a home with no small children and somewhere she can roam around, get loves and enjoy the good life!


Hi! My name is Jack

Jack came to us as a stray. He is an explorer once he gets comfortable. Jack loves to be patted and play. Based on his personality he should be okay with dogs and cats but we have no tested him with them yet. He seems to ignore the other cats when he gets his time to roam. He is a very handsome boy that loves people and attention, but also likes to open doors to cabinets and hide- silly boy! Jack came to us severely constipated and has a condition called Megacolon, where his colon no longer pushes anything out. This is something easily managed with food and medication. Please do not let this deter you from Jack, he is a wonderful, silly boy who wants to be part of your family.

jack (2)

Hi! My name is Jazz

Jazz is a 3-5 y/o girl that came to us as a stray. She is not the most outgoing cat when you first meet her, and does enjoy space and time to herself, but she likes to be patted. Jazz is good with other cats and has formed a bond with another cat, Petite who has been here for 2 and a half years. She is good with other cats, and would be okay with a more laid back dog. Jazz would also be alright with children who are old enough to know when she needs her space. She is really looking for a home with a nice comfy bed by the window where she can get patted and loved on for the rest of her life :)