Adopt a Dog

Fee for Adult Dogs: $150.00
Fee for Puppies aged 16 weeks and younger: $225.00
All dogs are spayed/neutered, have shots to date and have been heartworm tested.

For more information, call 207-935-4358 or send a note to

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Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come first served with APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application pre-approved so that there is no waiting period.

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Hi! My name is Bandit

Bandit is a 2-3 y/o mix that came to us as a stray. He is very nervous being here, but warms up as soon as you take him out of his kennel. Bandit seems to be okay with cats and would warm up to a child after a few minutes. We are unsure how he is with other dogs at the moment, but he seems to be very submissive. Bandit loves to cuddle and romp around in the yard. He walks well on leash and know some of his basic commands. He is very people oriented and willing to please, so that will help with continuing his training. He would love a home with a family to love him forever!


Hi! My name is Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a 2 y/o bulldog mix that came to the shelter because he was abandoned in his home. Bruce is a strong boy with a lot of energy, but he is smart, and it won’t take him long to learn some basic commands. Bruce needs to be the only pet in the home, and preferably a fenced in yard if your neighbors have dogs. Bruce LOVES tennis balls, they are like his pacifier, and he will carry them everywhere if you let him! He loves to play ball and run around. He is a strong, sensitive boy ;) NO CATS, DOGS OR KIDS- sorry!

DSC_0011 DSC_0002aDSC_0031


Hi! My name is Cosmo

Cosmo is an ~2 y/o Hound that came to us as a stray, was adopted out and came back to us because they could not provide him with an energy outlet. He is a very spunky and playful guy and LOVES people. Cosmo has lived with men, women, teens and dogs. He does have a typical hound bark, so an apartment may not he the best place for him to live. Cosmo needs a fenced in yard or a runner where you can watch him because he tends to be an escape artist. He would benefit from being crate trained in his next home. Cosmo is just a lovable guy that wants a home with a good place to run and lots of sun to bathe in.


Hi! My name is Dixie

Dixie is an ~1 y/o Boarder Collie/Australian Cattle Dog X that came to us after she was hit by a car. After one surgery to repair a shattered femur, she is doing well in her recovery. Dixie does have another surgery ahead of her to remove pins, but she is taking it like a champ. She does have a lot of energy and really loves to cuddle! Right now she is confined to a crate and can only go for short walks, but she seems to be getting better and better everyday! We don’t know how she is with other dogs or cats yet. Dixie sure does love her cookies!


Hi! My name is Donna

Donna is a 6-7 y/o mix that was surrendered to us with her sister, Jackie, because of their owner lost their home. She is house trained, likes baths, and car rides. She may be able to live with the right dog, but does need a house without cats. Donna is affectionate once she gets comfortable with you, but it does take a while here. She walks okay on leash and wants to be with you someone all the time. She loves to play outside and go for walks.


Hi! My name is Duke

Duke is a 2 y/o Rotti X that was returned to us because he gets uncomfortable around small children and again because he cannot live with cats. He had double ACL surgery a few months ago and since then new people make him extra nervous. Duke is all healed up and is willing to meet new people, as long as you have treats or a ball to play fetch! Duke is house trained, crate trained and know most of his basic commands. He also loves to play catch, go for car rides, walk and swim! Like any dog, Duke is uneasy when new people approach him too quickly or get into his personal space before he is comfortable with them. Because he wants to have all your attention and does not like to share it, he needs a home with no dogs, cats or children under 13 years old.



Hi! My name is Jackie

Jackie is a 6-7 y/o mix that was surrendered to us with her sister, Donna, when their owner lost their home. She does need work on her leash walking and basic commands, but she will do almost anything for a treat. She likes to play and is very house trained. Jackie has lived with men and women, but has never been around kids so right now we would caution it. Cats and her do not get along. She is an active dog that enjoys car rides and to scoot around in the yard playing ball.


Hi! My name is Jewel

Jewel is an ~1 y/o Lab X that came to us as a stray. She is very much a puppy and needs some training, but she loves people and to play outside. We are still in the process of testing her, but she seems to be pretty tolerable. She can be jumpy so small kids may not be best for her until she gets some more training. Jewel is a very sweet and lovable girl who is looking for her forever home that can provide a good energy outlet.


Hi! My name is Loki

Loki was surrendered to the shelter because his living situation was not good for him. He is just under a year old and has had very little training. He is a sweet boy but tends to be a protective of his people. We are told he does not get along with other dogs, but we have yet to test him here. We are unsure how he would do with cats. Loki is extremely jumpy so a home with no small children is a must. When in a yard all he wants to do is cuddle, but will settle for playing ball too. He can be a little hard headed, but with consistent training and some TLC he has the potential to be an amazing new family member!


Hi! My name is Macie

Macie is a 10 y/o Black Lab X that was returned to us because little kids can sometimes make her uncomfortable. She is house trained and invisible fence trained. Macie knows most of her basic commands, likes car rides and baths. We would suggest she go to a home with no small children. We are unsure how she is with cats, but know she tends to be a dominant dog. She is a sweet girl that walks okay on leash and gets sooo excited to be with people!


Hi! My name is Max

Max is a mix that came to us with his brother, Ace. They are both EXTREMELY energetic. Max does know sit and shake, but needs work on everything else. He needs to have a really good energy outlet. Max has so much pent-up energy he is very jumpy. Because of this we are suggesting a home with no small children. He also needs a home with no cats. He would probably be okay with another energetic dog. Max loves people and to cuddle! He and his brother have been through a lot and none of it was their fault. Max needs an active home that will give him the love, time and attention he so craves and deserves.

DSC_0117 dsc_0069 max

Hi! My name is Moxie

Moxie is a 3 y/o hound mix that was surrendered to the shelter because of her high energy level and she was not a good fit for the home. Moxie is super sweet and needs a home that will help manage her energy and anxiety. She is house trained, crate trained and knows some basic commands. She can be weary of strangers at first, so she needs a slow and proper introduction. She may be okay with other dogs, but cannot go to a home with cats or small children as they heighten her anxiety level. Moxie would make a great running partner (or hiking partner if she was kept on leash). She is a love bug! Moxie is very uneasy when in her kennel so don’t let her barking deter you. She is a completely different dog when she is out in a yard so please ask to take her out so she can melt your heart with her floppy tongue and ears!

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Hi! My name is Syrus

Syrus is a almost 3 y/o Pit X that came to us when his owners could no longer care for him. He needs a lot of training on basic commands and leash walking. Right now he seems to not like any dogs so we are asking for a home with no other dogs. Syrus has lived with cats in the past but here he is not safe with them here. Because of his size we are suggesting a home with children over the age of 13 years. He is a sweet boy  that likes to cuddle and needs someone to be dedicated to him and his training 24/7. Syrus wants a home where he can be set up for success with people that will love him forever.


Hi! My name is Tank

Tank is a 4 y/o Mastiff. He is a 100 pound baby! Not only does he walk wonderfully on leash, he loves people and to cuddle. Tank however does not like cats and will do anything to get to them so he needs to be on a leash or in a fenced in yard at all times. He is defiantly a one maybe two person dog and can become very protective of his people so a home with low amounts of foot traffic would be ideal. Tank cannot go to a home with children or other dogs. He is looking for a home where he is the center of attention.

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