Adopt a dog

Fee for Adult Dogs: $150.00
Fee for Puppies aged 16 weeks and younger: $225.00
All dogs are spayed/neutered, have shots to date and have been heartworm tested.

For more information, call 207-935-4358 or send a note to

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Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come first served with APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application pre-approved so that there is no waiting period.

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Hi! My name is Ben

Ben is a 3 y/o Boarder Collie/Great Pyrenees was surrendered to us with his mother, Molly, because their owner could no longer take care of them. He would do best as the only animal in the home right now because he has shown he only likes his mother. We have not tested him with cats yet, and would suggest no kids. Ben knows all of his basic commands, walk well on a leash, is house and invisible fence trained. He is the type of dog you have to introduce slowly to new things, but once he is comfortable he is a completely different dog! Ben is still pretty new to the shelter, so we are still figuring out all of his quirks and will update as we do.


Hi! My name is Duke

Duke is a 2 y/o Rotti X that was returned to us because he gets uncomfortable around small children. He can be a bit of a nervous guy at first, but as soon as you take him out for a walk he is your best friend! Duke is house trained, crate trained and know most of his basic commands. He also loves to play catch, go for car rides, walk and swim! Like any dog, Duke is uneasy when new people approach him too quickly or get into his personal space before he is comfortable with them. We don’t know how he is with dogs yet, but he does not get along with cats


Hi! My name is Gage

Gage is a young Pit that was surrendered to us because he had a disagreement with another dog. Since then his behavior has been evaluated with other dogs, and he seems to be okay with some, he just plays rough, which can be red differently by different dogs. We have not tested him with cats yet, but would be okay with children. Gage LOVES to play and get lovins! He does need to work on his leash walking, but he is very toy and treat motivated.


Hi! My name is Gracie

Gracie is a 6 y/o Great Dane X that was surrendered to us with her son, Bruno, because their owners were moving. She is a very sweet girl that is use to being outside a lot. Gracie does best if she is on a leash or a run. She know some of her basic commands and is house trained. Car rides and baths are not her favorite things, but she loves sitting in your lap and giving hugs! Gracie is good with children and has lived with cats and dogs. However, she does like to chase cats, and can be selective on what dogs she likes. She is okay on a leash and loves people. We are still getting to know her and will update when we know more.


Hi! My name is Icy

Icy is a 3-4 y/o Great Dane/Pointer mix. She was returned to us because she does not get along with other dogs. Icy is quiet for the most part, but loves to play. She lived with men, women and children of all ages. Icy would do best as the only animal in the home. She is a little bit of a diva at times because she likes to wear sweaters and is okay walking in booties. Icy is house trained, crate trained and knows all of her basic commands as well as high-five and roll over. She is used to being off leash, but will chase something if she sees it so it is best to keep her on a leash. But she does walk pretty good on a leash and loves car rides.


Hi! My name is Jackson

Jackson is a 9 y/o Beagle that came to us because his owner could no longer care for him. Even though he is 9, he looks like a puppy! Jackson is crate trained, loves to ride in the car and knows some basic commands. He is said to be good with dogs and cats, but can be protective of his food, so we are suggesting no small children. Jackson wants a home where he can be with you all of the time! He is pretty good on leash, and does come when you call him. We are still getting to know this cutie but he seems like he is a great dog!


Hi! My name is Kramer

Kramer is a bulldog mix that is about 1 1/2 years old. He was surrendered because someone in the home was allergic to dogs. Kramer is house trained and knows some of his basic commands. He is good with children, but can be jumpy and get excited with young kids. Kramer has lived with cats, but does have a tendency to chase them. We are unsure right now how he would be with dogs. We will update when we know more about him.

Hi! My name is Rex

Rex is a 6 y/o American Bulldog that was surrendered because his owner was sick. He is very sweet boy that has been with one person all his life so being here is is a big change for him. He is a large boy that needs a strong person to handle him- he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but he is strong!! He needs some basic training. He would do best as the only ‘kid’ in the house as he has never been around cats and doesn’t seem to like dogs when he is out being walked. We haven’t had him very long so we have not been able to test him one on one with other dogs. We will update you as we get to know him better. He is a GIANT love bug that just wants to be with people!

DSC_0005 (640x610)

Hi! My name is River

River is an old man, we think a Pekingese/King Charles mix, that was left on a frozen river. When he was found and rescued by some nice fireman, he was mostly shaven. Since he has been here at the shelter he has made a full recovery! River is quite the character and loves to take you for a walk around the yard and roll around on the floor. He does have some health issues, he is old, but we are working through them with him and he doesn’t miss a beat! River may not have the best vision, but his sniffer works just fine! He is good with everything and loves people. He is looking for a home with a comfy bed in the sun and some to love him forever!


Hi! My name is Sparky

This adorable, feisty fellow is named Sparky! He is a one year old cattle dog mix, and an abundance of energy! Sparky was rescued from the south by a local family, who after a week of having him in their home found him to be way WAY too much for their family. Sparky is highly intelligent and clever to boot! He adores to be snuggled and sit on your lap, and will give you kisses if you allow it. Sparky spent the last several months of his life in the southern shelter, and had absolutely no training done while he was there (and seems to have had none ever). That being said, he does WONDERFULLY on the leash, and is such a quick learner!
He has several naughty habits, and we are working on these diligently at the shelter. Sparkles is responding phenomenally well to clicker training, and we are currently teaching him all of his basic commands. Because of this, we consider him a baby in all aspects of training–he needs to learn it all, and he needs a home experienced with feisty, super smart, and clever breeds, because he WILL take advantage of you if he knows he can. At this time, our spunky Sparky has no level of bite inhibition when playing, we mean NONE, and is therefore not suitable for a home with any children. We also do not find his behavior towards cats to be safe enough to live with them in a new home. Sparky will continue to get more exposure to other dogs here at the shelter, and we will update soon as to whether or not we find him suitable to be second dog.
Sparky is waiting for his ideal, experienced person to come along and fall in love with his sassy-ness and smarts!



Hi! My name is Zelda

Zelda is a 5 y/o mix that was surrendered to us because she is not comfortable with small children. She is a very sweet girl who loves to give kisses and lean up against your legs. However she is very nervous about her surroundings here at the shelter and meeting new people, . Once she knows and trust you, she absolutely cannot get enough! Zelda likes to chase cats, but does not want to hurt them, just play. She is crate trained and knows most of her basic commands and also likes car rides and baths. We think she is too nervous to be around other dogs right now, but would most likely benefit from some friendly canine company in the future. Zelda would thrive off of having one-on-one attention in a home and being the center of her family’s universe.