Adopt a Dog

Fee for Adult Dogs: $200
Fee for Puppies aged 16 weeks and younger: $300.00
All dogs are spayed/neutered, have shots to date and have been heart worm tested over (6 months old)

For more information, call 207-935-4358 or send a note to

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Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come first served with APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application pre-approved so that there is no waiting period.

Please help us help us help them!

Hi! My name is Brooke

Brooke is around 2 years old and came to the shelter because her owners could no longer care for her. Brooke has obviously had a tough life in the past, but we know nothing about it. She is shy, and needs a patient home. She is comfortable with us, but has a hard time trusting new people so a slow introduction with a dog-savvy person would be best for her. We think she’d be okay with dogs, but not cats. We don’t think a home with children would be appropriate for her at this moment ONLY because she is so timid right now. She is very sweet and she’s totally worth the time!

Hi! My name is Dahlia

Dahlia is an ~3 y/o Mastiff X that came to us when she could no longer be cared for. She loves people and has a very wiggly butt when she gets excited, which is quite often. Dahlia has lived with women, children and chickens. She seems to do okay with the cats here, but we have not dog tested her yet, although she does seem to want to play with everyone, even if the other dog is telling her they don’t want to play. Dahlia is a beautiful, funny and well-behaved girl that knows most of her commands, is house trained, likes car rides and baths.

Hi! My name is Echo

When Echo came in, we were told she was around 10 years old. However, she does not look or act 10. Echo is very uncomfortable in her kennel so please don’t let her behavior deter you. She is a very sweet and playful girl that loves to go for walks and scoot around the yard. Echo has been through a lot in her lifetime and really wants a home where she can be the only animal, with no kids and live a laid back drama free life. Over the past few months Echo has really opened up and shown us her full personality, and it is quite great. She listens to commands very well if she knows you mean business. She loves to give kisses and sit on your lap, but does not get on the furniture. Echo needs some time in new situations to adjust and calm down. She craves attention so much she can tends to get a little carried away when she first meets people, but calms down with some time and a good, sturdy toy. Echo has showed us that she is quite the love bug and just wants someone to love her the way she will love you.


Hi! My name is Esme

Esme is a young, less than a year, Australian Cattle Dog/Pit X. It takes her a little while to warm up to people, but she is very loyal and listens well when she does. Being a somewhat fearful dog she needs someone who is going to be very cautious of that and not put her in a situation where she will we uncomfortable. We know Esme needs a home without small children, but are unsure how she is with cats but dogs are definitely a possibility. She is a very sweet girl with quite a lot of energy so she needs a home where she can express that energy in a safe and contained way. Esme seems to have never had anyone in her life she can really trust and feel safe with so she is going to need training and one on one attention to build a bond with someone that will take care of her and give her the love and attention she craves and deserves. She is a VERY smart girl and will respond very quickly to the right training. Please don’t let her behavior in the kennel turn you off from this very loving and cuddly girl.


Hi! My name is Lucy

Lucy is a 5-6 y/o Lab X that came to us first when she was abandoned by her owner and just came back because she needs more training. In her last home she developed some dominance over other dogs, especially smaller ones, and gets very protective over her human siblings so small children are probably not the best match for her right now. Lucy is house trained, knows sit and walks well on leash. She has lived with cats in the past, but her most recent home said she chases them. Lucy LOVES people, scratches, rope toys and stuff less toys. She is a very sweet girl that likes car rides and snuggles.


Hi! My name is Luka

Luka is an ~ 10 m/o mix that came to us through no fault of his own. He seems to be a little nervous in new situations, but loves to be around people and to play. Luka is still learning and needs training, but he is a very sweet boy that is crate trained, knows a few commands and likes car rides. He is still a puppy and acts like one (jumping and mouthing) so a home with small children will have to be a dog savvy one until he learns his manners around kids. We are unsure how Luka is with other animals right now, but with proper training and socialization he should adapt to them. Luka is new to us so we are still getting to know him.

Hi! My name is Mickey

Mickey is a young energetic and playful lab/pit bull mix. He loves to run around, whatever season it is! He has lived with cats before but he seems a little too interested in the cats here than preferred. He LOVES people and to play, especially with tennis balls. Mickey is good with teens but can be a little too much for younger children. He understands the commands to “sit” and “lie down”. Mickey loves to play and might be okay with the right dog, but he can be very protective of his people. A family that is outside a lot, going for hikes and what not would be a great fit for him. He is looking for a calm home, as he doesn’t like when people fight with each other, that has the ability to exercise him daily and give him lots of love and cookies!



Hi! My name is Moxie

Moxie is a 3 y/o hound mix that was surrendered to the shelter because of her high energy level and she was not a good fit for the home. Moxie is super sweet and needs a home that will help manage her energy. She is house trained, crate trained and knows some basic commands. She can be nervous meeting new people, but warms up with time and treats. She really wants to be the only animal in the home, but might be okay with the right dog. A home without small children or cats is a must for this spunky girl. Moxie would make a great running partner (or hiking partner if she was kept on leash). She is a love bug! Moxie is very uneasy when in her kennel so don’t let her barking deter you. She is a completely different dog when she is out in a yard so please ask to take her out so she can melt your heart with her floppy tongue and ears!

DSC_0109 DSC_0101

Hi! My name is Stewie

Stewie is a 10 y/o Jack Russell Terrier that came to us because he has some skin issues. We are working to clear them up and he is improving everyday with some grain free food and some medicine. He has lived with men, women and children and seems to do well with cats. He is a typical Jack Russell so please research the breed if you are interested in adopting him. Other large dogs tend to upset him and  he loves to be the center of attention so Stewie would love to go to a home where he is the only dog. Playing ball and going for walks are his favorite past times.

Hi! My name is Sven

Sven is an ~1 y/o Hound/Lab X that LOVES people and is full of energy! His previous home did not have enough time or space to exercise him the way he needs. Sven has lived with dogs, cats and children and seems to well with all of them, although he is a big guy and very jumpy, so small children may not be the best choice for him as he doesn’t know his personal space boundaries. We think he is a rough player, but we have not put him with any dogs here yet. He is house trained, knows basic commands, likes car rides and baths. Sven is looking for a home that can exercise him a lot! Maybe with a runner or hiker in the family? He is very eager to please and listens well.