Available Dogs

Fee for Adult Dogs: $250
Fee for Puppies aged 6 months and younger: $400.00
All dogs are spayed/neutered, have shots to date and have been heart worm tested over (6 months old) and microchipped

For more information, call 207-935-4358 or send a note to info@harvesthills.org

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Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come first served with APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application pre-approved so that there is no waiting period.

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Hi! My name is Ace

Loyal, playful, snuggly, protective, all adjectives to describe Ace! Not only will Ace Ace Baby be your new best friend, he will always be there for you. He is a very loyal dog and feels no other animal should be around so he will need to be the only pet. Ace has gained a bit of weight over the years and can be jumpy when he is excited, so we are suggesting a home with no small children. Despite Ace not wanting anything to do with other animals around, he LOVES his people. He is a smart dog that will need more training and lots of exercise (he loves playing fetch). This handsome 4 y/o mix would prefer a fenced in yard with no neighbors. He is the only heating blanket you will need this winter.


Hi! My name is Betty

Betty Boop is quite the character! Take her out into a yard to play and your day will instantly get better! At 2 years old she has lots of energy to be out and about, but also knows how to relax and snuggle. Betty, a Bulldog X, seems to do okay with some dogs, but gets so excited she can sometimes get carried away. She can be nervous and jumpy so we are suggesting a child free home, at least for now. She came to us very pregnant, had 12 puppies and is now waiting to find a home with lots of love and snuggles. Her excitement can get the best of her sometimes especially on leash, but with some positive reinforcement and a dog savvy owner the possibilities are endless!



Hi! My name is Blossom and Barkley

Blossom and Barkley were surrendered to the shelter because they weren’t doing well with the younger kids in the home. They are small husky-type mixes, at about 35 lbs. We think they are brother and sister based on their teeth. They would be fine with older kids and other dogs, but we are told no cats. We will update you as we get to know them better. Right now, we are looking for a home where they can go together.

Hi! My name is Brady

Bradykins is one of the smartest dogs here at the shelter! With great smarts comes great adventures! Brady’s perfect home will be able to provide lots of exercise (hiking, running, playing fetch), mental stimulation and a lot of love! In the past he shared a home with another dog and children, but with his energy level and his Australian Cattle Dog traits, a child and cat free home would be the safest option. As for other dogs, he can be selective and would be too hyper for a laid back dog, but we are always willing to try a meet and greet here. Brady can be very attentive to his people and wants to please, but can be easily distracted. He walks okay on leash and knows some commands. Brady is about 5-6 years old. Anyone interested in a lovable, energetic, smart guy that just wants someone to give his affection to, please research his breed. Although he is not a full Cattle dog, he does have the traits of one.

Hi! My name is Brooke

Brooke is the sweetest and cuddliest girl, once she is comfortable with you. She loves the people she knows, but is very weary around those she does not. Brooke was surrendered after she had her puppies and the people could not care for her. She has been with us over a year because she needs a VERY slow introduction. Brooke likes to play with other dogs, but she is a dominant female that tends to get carried away so being the only pet may be what’s best for her right now. A home with no children is a must for this playful girl. Brooke loves to play, walk, hike and swim! The perfect home would be with a woman with not a lot of visitors and possibly a fenced yard. Due to her lack of confidence and trust in people, her introduction process may take a few weeks, or longer with men. She is a staff favorite that would will make a great dog in the right home. Brooke is very smart and well-behaved girl that loves to give kisses to those she trusts.

*Brooke has a dog trainer friend that would be happy to work with a potential adopter on how to properly introduce her to people and how to be comfortable in her surroundings.

Brooke’s photos were done by Jill Piper at Furry Kids Pet Photography and you can see more photos at her site www.furrykidspetphotography.com




Hi! My name is ESME

Beautiful Esme is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix. She is spayed and up to date on age appropriate vaccines. Esme would do best in a child free home, and at this time we think she should be an only pet as well. She is extremely nervous with strangers and needs to be adopted by very experienced dog owners. She is very protective and loyal and may benefit from additional training to improve her social skills and confidence. Training would also be a great bonding experience between Esme and her new family! Esme is still adjusting to being at the shelter, but we think with time and patience she will become more trusting. Esme has tons of potential but needs a lot of attention to get her to be her best self.

Hi! My name is Greta

Greta is a ~5 y/o Dobie mix that came to us from another shelter. Greta has spent the past few years in and out of shelters and is hoping she will find her fur-ever home from here. Greta wants to be the only dog in the home and can’t live around chickens. She is new to us so we will test her with cats and see if she is ok being around other dogs, just not living with them. We are unsure about kids at this time as well. She is a wonderful girl who does need some work on her leash walking and manners

Hi! My name is HOGAN

Hi Everyone! My name is Hogan and I am about to turn 1 year old! I can be very timid at first and need to work on some of my manners, but I am very sweet and would make a great hiking buddy! As long as children respect me, I would do okay with kids, but I would be scared of a lot of noise and fast movements until I know you better. I am a Labrador Mix, and will you give you all the love in the world if you give me a chance!



Hi! My name is Isaac

Isaac is a 1.5 y/o Rottie. He is a HUGE boy (106+ lbs) with a ton of energy! He does need some basic training but walks wonderfully on a leash. Isaac should not live with cats and should not be in a home with children. Isaac can be picky about his dog friends, but seems to do better with bigger dogs. He is extremely bouncy when he plays and could easily knock over a smaller dog. Unfortunately he has not been able to find a permeant home and has been returned a few times due to his energy level, lack of training and structure. Isaac needs to find a dog-savvy home with a fenced yard. He also needs to have an alpha and have boundaries such as not getting on the couch or being in the kitchen while cooking. Isaac is a big lug that loves to play and be outside. He will make a wonderful dog in the right home.



Hi! My name is KOBE

Meet Kobe, a 9 year old Cocker Spaniel. Unfortunately Kobe’s owner passed away, and he is need of a new home. Kobe is neutered and up to date on all age appropriate vaccines. Kobe can be very shy at first, and would do best in a home without any other dogs. He may be okay living with a cat with a slow introduction. We are still learning about this sweet boy, but will continue to update as we learn more.

Hi! My name is Lola

Lola is a beautiful and playful 12 year old Shepherd. She came to us when her family moved. We are told she is good with other animals and children. Lola is a happy-go-lucky girl that loves to be outside and enjoys being patted/cuddled :)


Hi! My name is Miles

Great hiking/running partner, playing outside, snuggling, kisses and unconditional love. If any of these traits appeal to you come meet Miles! Although Miles didn’t have the best life before coming to us, he doesn’t let it get him down. His favorite place to be is on the couch or outside in a fenced yard. Miles will make a wonderful companion to an experienced home as the only child (neither human or fur-children please). Like many of our dogs here at the shelter, Miles did not get the attention and socialization he deserved as a puppy so sometimes he forgets his manners. This can be worked on with some training and confidence building. He is uncertain at times meeting new people so please bring treats and an open mind, in time he will be your best snuggle buddy. Miles is only about 4 years old and has spent the last year of his life in the shelter. In his time here we have seen him do a 180 with his reactive behaviors towards other dogs, but would do best living somewhere with no dogs around. Miles does great in the car. Look at those “I love you” eyes!

Miles’ photos were done by Jill Piper at Furry Kids Pet Photography and you can see more photos at her site www.furrykidspetphotography.com



Hi! My name is Otis

Otis is a 3 y/o Great Dane X that has the best wiggly butt ever!! The only downside to his wiggle is his tail is very hard. Otis is a big boy that could loose a few a few pounds (can’t we all). He loves to be outside and is great at amusing himself. Otis has lived with other dogs, but he has shown some food guarding behaviors so right now we are suggesting a dog free home with either no children or older dog-savvy children. Otis is very interested in cats and would love to chase and ponce on them so he may be too much for a cat. He LOVES people and would make a great cuddler! Otis knows his basic commands and is house trained.