Bradykins is one of the smartest dogs here at the shelter! With great smarts comes great adventures! Brady’s perfect home will be able to provide lots of exercise (hiking, running, playing fetch), mental stimulation and a lot of love! In the past he shared a home with another dog and children, but with his energy level and his Australian Cattle Dog traits, a child and cat free home would be the safest option. As for other dogs, he can be selective and would be too hyper for a laid back dog, but we are always willing to try a meet and greet here. Brady can be very attentive to his people and wants to please, but can be easily distracted. He walks okay on leash and knows some commands. Brady is about 5-6 years old. Anyone interested in a lovable, energetic, smart guy that just wants someone to give his affection to, please research his breed. Although he is not a full Cattle dog, he does have the traits of one.