Brooke is the sweetest and cuddliest girl, once she is comfortable with you. She loves the people she knows, but is very weary around those she does not. Brooke was surrendered after she had her puppies and the people could not care for her. She has been with us over 2 years because she needs a VERY slow introduction. Brooke likes to play with other dogs, but she is a dominant female that tends to get carried away so being the only pet may be what’s best for her. A home with no children is a must for this playful girl. Brooke loves to play, walk, hike and swim! The perfect home would be with a woman with not a lot of visitors and possibly a fenced yard. Due to her lack of confidence and trust in people, her introduction process may take a few weeks, or longer with men. She is a staff favorite that would will make a great dog in the right home. Brooke is very smart and well-behaved girl that loves to give kisses to those she trusts.

*Brooke has a dog trainer friend that would be happy to work with a potential adopter on how to properly introduce her to people and how to be comfortable in her surroundings.

Brooke’s profile picture was done by Jill Piper at Furry Kids Pet Photography.