Otis is a 3-4 y/o Great Dane X that has the best wiggly butt ever!! He unfortunately has not been able to find his perfect forever home yet. Otis would do best in a home that has experience with dogs that have guarding issues and know how to be an appropriate alpha. Although he can be very submissive, he does have moments that he feels like he needs to assert himself. Otis needs a dog free home and has had mixed reviews with cats. A home with small children would not be a good match for him, but he has done well with teenagers. Otis loves to play and be outside. He also rides well in the car, but can be protective of his car when strangers approach. Otis loves to snuggle, but would do best in a home where he is not allowed on beds, couches or any place he could claim and become protective over. Otis is a great dog that is trying to find a home that will help him be his best self.