This striking young fellow is ready to fill your heart with love. Puppet is about 2 years old and came to us from another cat group. This bold boy has a huge personality, and will keep you entertained endlessly! He adores affection and play hunting to his hearts content. Puppet has been known to love bite when he’s excited to see you, but it’s just his way of saying he loves you! Puppet must be an only animal, and should be in an adult only home or with older cat-savvy children. This handsome guy does have a regressive form of Feline Leukemia Virus which means he must be an indoor only cat. FeLV is a feline specific retrovirus that affects his immune system. Puppet has a regressive form, meaning he is not currently shedding the virus, but is still considered a carrier. This cutie is a handsome, thriving boy, and though FeLV can affect his health, FeLV+ kitties have been known to live long healthy lives.

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