~Snookie AKA the Queen~
Snooks is a middle aged girl who is out longest term feline resident. She basically runs the joint. This independent girl likes to explore and find new spots to lay. She loves lounging in the sun! Snookie is also a wonderful lunch partner. She can hear the fridge open from a mile away and is a huge fan of chicken. Don’t let Snookie’s annoyed puss deceive you; this girl can be sweet when she wants to! She likes head pats but will let you know when she has had enough. This girl would probably be a great mouser as well. Snookie has spent most of her time here in our community room and has done well with a wide range of cats. She tends to stand her ground with dogs and would do fine with a laidback dog that isn’t in her face. Snookie would also be okay with cat savvy kids that understand she needs space. Snookie is on a special food because of IBS.