The Maxwell Bernie Fund

Maxwell Bernie
Maxwell Bernie

In 2017, we decided to use our Christmas Eve Sleepover funds to do something extra special. Not only will the money directly impact the animals at the shelter as it always has, all the money will go into a special fund in honor of 4-year-old Maxwell Bernie.

Maxwell sadly drowned in May of 2016. Since his death, his little piggy bank has been sitting on the counter at the shelter so that people could donate their spare change to the shelter in honor of Max.

Max LOVED coming to the shelter and playing with the animals. According to his mom, Max would be so thrilled to know that the Christmas Eve Shelter Sleepover will help build his fund so that dogs and cats with health or behavioral problems can become more “adoptable” …whether it be because they receive a major surgery or for things like special training for dogs, fencing, specialized veterinary care, carts for amputees; or anything else that will help make them more adoptable.

Donate Today

Donations to the Maxwell Bernie Fund can be made directly at the shelter, or you can donate bottles and cans at the Brownfield Redemption Center