Nine Lives Thrift Shop

                         This is a Thrift Shop like no other! Truly an adventure!

Inventory changes daily- you never know what you’ll find!!




Open Daily 10:00 -3:00

Closed Thursdays


Located next door to the shelter, all of the proceeds from donated goods go directly to help feed the animals at the shelter. Whether you are donating unwanted items or making a purchase, you are helping to support the shelter…

 Stop by to see what’s new…


Book Nook

Book Nook


Kids Room

Kids Room


Bags Everywhere!

Bags Everywhere!

How to donate:

Donations can be made any day except Thursdays from 8am-3pm. If you have large items, please give us a call, we can usually arrange a pick up.

If you have items that you’d like to donate that have more value than what might be found at out Thrift Shop, please contact us.

We now have Harry Barker’s Emporium where we can sell antiques and collectibles. All money still goes to the animals!



What to donate:



Things We CAN Use

Things We CAN’T Use

Antiques of any kind
Bicycles, Tricycles
Area Rugs Car seats
Baskets & Tins Electric Blankets
Bedding and Table Linens (good condition) Electronics such as:
Bedspreads & Quilts, Linens          -CD/DVD Players
Books           -Humidifiers
Current Magazines           -Dehumidifiers
Small Appliances, mixers, toasters, etc.           -Printers
Clothing (clean) adult, child, infant           -Stereo systems, speakers
Craft Supplies           -Telephones
Cushions           -Televisions
Decorative Pieces           -Typewriters
Dishes           -VCR’s
Flower Pots & Garden Supplies           -Encyclopedias
Furniture in good connotation, incl. baby           -Golf Equipment
Games for All Ages Large Appliances
Jewelry Lawn Mowers/trimmers        
Kitchenware Mattress/box springs
Lamps Paint
Paintings Ski equipment
Picture Frames Space Heaters
Puzzles Stuffed Animals (lg. amounts)
Unused Soaps and Potpourri
All knick-knacks, vases etc.
Workshop Items