Fees: Adult Dogs $250 Puppies under 6 months $400

Information- All dogs/puppies are:

  • microchipped
  • spayed or neutered
  • dewormed
  • flea/tick/ heartworm treatment
  • age appropriate shots
  • if over 6 months old, have been 4DX tested.

For more information, call 207-935-4358 or send a note to


Download and complete our Adoption Application or complete one online.

Weekend adoptions can take longer as we need to check references. Please bring vet records for your current pets. This can sometimes allow us to speed up the process for you. Adoptions are done on a first come first served with APPROVED applications only. If you are considering adoption, it is suggested you have your application preapproved so that there is no waiting period.


Apollo is an ~1 y/o Husky X that is with us due to separation anxiety issues. He is a very high energy dog that will need tons of physical and…


Bee is an ~8 y/o Aussie mix. She is a sweet and active girl that enjoys being around her people. She can be picky about her dog friends and is…


Grant is an ~4 y/o Mix that loves people and to snuggle. He has a playful side but is also okay just hanging out. Grant will need to be in…



Loyal, playful, snuggly, protective, all adjectives to describe Ace! Not only will Ace Ace Baby be your new best friend, he will always be there for you. He is a…


Bradykins is one of the smartest dogs here at the shelter! With great smarts comes great adventures! Brady’s perfect home will be able to provide lots of exercise (hiking, running,…



Brooke is the sweetest and cuddliest girl, once she is comfortable with you. She loves the people she knows, but is very weary around those she does not. Brooke was…


Beautiful Esme is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog Mix. Esme needs a child free home with no other animals. She seems to be okay when interacting with other…



Gretta is a ~5 y/o Doberman that came to us from another shelter. Gretta has spent the past few years in and out of shelters and is hoping she will…



Great hiking/running partner, playing outside, snuggling, kisses and unconditional love. If any of these traits appeal to you come meet Miles! Although Miles didn’t have the best life before coming…


Otis is a 3-4 y/o Great Dane X that has the best wiggly butt ever!! He unfortunately has not been able to find his perfect forever home yet. Otis would…