Christmas Eve Sleepover

We are pleased to introduce this year’s Christmas Eve Sleepover celebrity, Oliver! Seven-year-old Ollie is the son of our vet tech and has been an outstanding foster brother to hundreds of Harvest Hills animals over the years. He is a super celebrity to all of us and soon will be to you too! He has been socializing kittens since he was in diapers and started bottle feeding some of our most vulnerable babies at just four years old! Caring for animals may be in this boy’s genes, but his compassion and eagerness to learn is admirable. Oliver’s favorite activity is building forts for foster kittens to hang out in with him, and of course, teaching them how to play! What started as a sarcastic “We could be spending Christmas Eve at the shelter!” turned into one excited young boy and a very emphatic “YES!”. Join us in thanking Oliver for giving up his comfy bed at home Christmas Eve to play Santa at the shelter and give our animals all the love and attention they deserve! Let’s make this the biggest shelter sleepover fundraiser to date by helping Oliver meet his goals! Please make sure you designate ‘sleepover’ when you send in your donations. 

We hope that you will find it in your heart to help our mission by donating to the only big fundraiser we can have this year.  Please help! Any amount is gratefully accepted and, of course tax deductible! Donations can be made Via the GoFundMe, PayPal (on our site), check (send to 1389 Bridgton Road Fryeburg Maine 04037) or bring cash to the shelter. Thank you so much for your help!