Christmas Eve Sleepover

Christmas Cat and Dog

2020 has been a difficult year for us financially.  Fundraising in our typical way has been scaled back drastically due to the pandemic. We not only enjoy the community outreach from our fundraisers, but this is where so much of our financial support comes from each year. 

Many of our supporters may not know, but Nine Lives Thrift Shop is the largest single source of fundraising for our homeless animals throughout the year.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to close down this thrift shop for several months and that really hit us HARD! While the shop is currently open for shopping and donations, we have had to limit the amount of people in the building and in the donation area for the safety of everyone. 

On the bright side, if there was a perfect fundraiser to do during a pandemic, our Christmas Sleepover would be it! If you haven’t heard of it, this popular event has helped us with so many special projects each year. During Christmas Eve our Sleepover Celebrity actually stays at the shelter all night with the animals. During the evening, stockings are filled with special treats and toys and of course extra love and attention is given to each and every dog and cat throughout the night. Our special project this year will simply be pandemic relief for our general operating expenses. We’ve had to dig deep this year and are hoping to raise $25,000 from this year’s Christmas Sleepover and all of the funds raised will go toward keeping our shelter doors open. 

We are excited and proud that one of our own staff members; Kayla has agreed to spend the night with the animals. Kayla started as a volunteer and has worked her way to a full-time staff member. She has a fantastic work ethic and is amazing with the cats and dogs here. Kayla always goes the extra mile to work with frightened and shy dogs and cats to help them acclimate to a (hopefully short) shelter life. Her kind and patient nature has helped so many of our homeless animals here at the shelter. 

Not everything at the shelter has been difficult, though. Adoptions have been fantastic with a new system that we began during the pandemic! Almost everyone who comes in to meet a kitty goes home with one and despite our reduced numbers on dogs; they are being adopted out almost as quickly as they come in! Even our long-term dogs are getting more interest. 

 While our census my look low now, we have sheltered almost 400 cats and over 100 dogs and we need your help to keep up financially!

We hope that you will find it in your heart to help our mission by donating to the only big fundraiser we can have this year.  Please help! Any amount is gratefully accepted and, of course tax deductible! Donations can be made Via the GoFundMe, PayPal (on our site), check (send to 1389 Bridgton Road Fryeburg Maine 04037) or bring cash to the shelter. Thank you so much for your help!